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Thermo-mechanical manipulation of
metallic molecular structures

Beautifully Crafted

Hand wrought iron and silver

Artisan Made

Artefacts of the future

Traditional and Contemporary Blacksmithing, Silversmithing and Bladesmithing

Taitaya Forge is run by artist-blacksmiths Luke & Marleena Barran. Our workshops are based in Calbourne, Isle of Wight.

We have been working together from 2002 producing fine metalwork ranging from contemporary jewellery & design, blade smithing and traditional blacksmithing to historical reproduction work and costume jewellery. We work with silver & steel, gold & copper alike, from the small scale to the large.

Our designs and inspirations come from the natural world, the history of metalwork and with a touch of folklore & myth. .

M Barran

Marleena Barran

Blacksmith, Silversmith
Josh Clark

Luke Barran

Blacksmith, Bladesmith
“Taitaja” is a Finnish word meaning a skilled person or a master.

This word reflected our aspirations as craftsmen & artists. Our path is one of learning and will continue to be so as long as we create by hammer, hearth and fire.
Silver inlaid Viking Sword

Silver Inlaid Viking Sword

A Viking age re-enactment sword
with the blade and hilt fittings made by Luke Barran.
The silver inlay decoration is by M.Barran.
Sterling Silver Ivy leaf Wedding Tiara
Sterling Silver Oak leaf Earrings
Wrought Silver rose ring
Silver Snake rings
Anglo-Saxon knotted silver ring
Sterling silver maple leaf earrings
Sterling silver knotted wedding bands

Wrought Silver Jewellery

Sterling silver jewellery,
hand forged by M.Barran
Patternwelded Steel and Silver Bracelets

Patternwelded Steel & Silver Bracelets

This pair of unique wedding bracelets
are made out of pattern welded steel,
inlaid with silver,
with an engraved silver center
Hand forged Viking Axe head
Pattern welded Seax blade


Hand forged historical blades by Luke Barran
Silver Pictish Boar Bracelet

Silver Boar Bracelet

Hand forged silver cuff bracelet
with a sand cast pictish Boar design,
by M.Barran
Hand forged decorated Silver Mjolnir
Vegvisir engraved large iron Mjolnir
Uppsala amulet ring pendant
Large punch decorted sterling silver Thor's hammer
Viking Thor's hammer
Silver inlaid Valknot Thor's hammer
Rune inlaid iron Mjlnir

Thor's Hammers

Hand forged Iron and Silver Mjolnir,
featuring silver inlay,
punch decoration and engraving
Hesselbjerg amulet ring pendant

Home and Hearth Amulet Ring Pendant

This is our version of the amulet ring found in Hesselbjerg, Denmark. The pendants are said to be the three aspects of Thor
Small Saxon Bow Brooch
Saxon Strap End
Viking hammer
Pair of large saxon disc brooches
Dragon head pennanular brooch
York hooked tags

Historical Metalwork

Some of the work we have done for Viking and Saxon historical re-enactors
Viking Sword

A Viking Sword

A re-enactment Viking sword
Iron and leather Spiral necklace
Viking Dragon pendants
Hand forged iron spiral pendants
Arrow head pendants
Pure Iron rose heart pendants
Vellamo pendant necklace
Pure iron fang necklaces

Pure Iron Jewellery

Some of our Pure Iron jewellery,
made by M.Barran
Silver triple hare necklace on Viking knit chain

Triple Hare Necklace

Sand cast silver pendant featuring the three hares, suspended on a hand woven Viking knit chain

Our Work

We specialize in iron and silver jewellery, contemporary bladesmithing, historical swords and other small wrought historical reproductions.

Ready Made

If you would like to see what we have available at the present moment you can visit our shop Taitaya. There you will find our Thor's hammers, Iron and Sterling Silver jewellery, that are ready to ship within 48 hours.

Taitaya Forge Online Shop

From our Etsy shop...

Made to Order

Our most popular items tend to often sell out before we have a chance to make more.

If you are interested in something we have made before, or you wish to ensure we have it in stock by a particular date, you can contact us and we can reserve that item for you. We will also bump it up on our list of things to make.

You can have a browse through our sold items on Etsy here.

Our Design Work

We design all our contemporary work ourselves.

Graphic designs made by Marleena are also available to purchase and download in Marleena's spin-off shop: MarleenaBarranDesign on Etsy.

These designs are intended as a graphic resource for other artisans, crafters and makers.


Most of our jewellery can be customized by engraving of silver inlay.

We hand engrave using a hammer and engraver. Our method results in a more deeper cut that is more suitable for runic inscriptions.

Silver inlay onto iron is another ancient method we can use to customize our pendants. Fine silver wire is hammered into a deeply engraved cut onto the iron.

Commissioned work

Are you interested in having something exclusively designed and created for you?

Let us know what you are looking for and we can see if we can help you.

For custom work we may charge a deposit. Our minimum charge is £150 (GBP). We currently have a waiting list.

Contact us for more details

What is beautiful is in itself is already complete. It has no need for praise for it makes it no better or worse

Marcus Aurelius Meditations: Book IV

Itse tien rauan synnyn, arvoan alun terksen: ilma on emoja ensin, vesi vanhin veljeksi, rauta nuorin veljeksi, tuli kerran keskiminen.

The birth of Iron Kalevala, 9th Poem

I know the birth of Iron, I ken the origin of Steel: Air is the first mother, Water the eldest brother, Iron the youngest brother, Fire the middle born.

The birth of Iron, translated by M.Barran Kalevala, 9th Poem

Our Workshop

Visit us by appointment only

Calbourne, Isle of Wight

Phone: +44 7708 220242
Email: taitaya@taitaya.co.uk
Mailing address:
Kingsbridge Flat
Queens Road
PO40 9EP

We will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.